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As one of the Seattle area’s most prominent outpatient representative agency, Day Surgery Companions Services specializes in representing outpatients who do not have family or friends available as their support person. Patients who want to keep their medical procedures confidential call us. The day before your surgery we call to confirm your appointment and to remind you to bring all required documents,  transportation to and from medical facilities. We are there for you to help with your sign in, complete paperwork, communicate with medical staff while we wait during your procedure; we are in contact with a family member or friend per your request. After your procedure we are with you when you receive your aftercare instructions, pick up your prescribed aftercare medication pharmacy from the before leaving. When transporting you home we assist you into your home. We work hard to offer top-of-the-line representation that helps you feel better and get better. Contact use (206)497-0470

Transportation if required to and from hospital or clinic the day of surgery with prescription pick up

You are not alone. Our representative is there with you during your surgery... updating your contact person per your request

Surgeons, social workers, discharge nurses and scheduling staff no more delay when scheduling your patients

For outpatient surgery  representation Contact us        (206)497-0470 or 

 book online 24/7

You can make a


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